Guy Weekends

Cabin Con 5

Guys weekend in the woods of Eminence, MO.

Cabin Con 4

Cabin Con 4 in Eminence, MO. Seven guys hanging out in the woods playing games, nothing weird about that!

Cabin Con 3

Guys weekend at the Cabin in Eminence

Cabin Con 2

Guys weekend at the Cabin in Eminence

Superbowl 2009

Superbowl Weekend 2009 in Creve Coeur

Gen Con 2009

Photos from my trip to Gen Con 2009 in Indianapolis, IN.

Gen Con 2008

Gen Con 2008 and the VS Gen Con Championship in Indy

Gen Con 2007

Gen Con 2007 and the VS Pro Circuit Indy

Superbowl Weekend 2007

Matt2, Steve, Alex, Tony, Aaron, and me on Superbowl/UFC weekend.

Guys Weekend 2

A gathering of Nerds in August 2005.

Superbowl 2006

Superbowl/UFC weekend with the Rolla gang.

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