Aug 16
Gen Con 2009 Posted by Matt

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Aug 02
Bahamas 2009 Posted by Matt

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May 31
Summer Fun 2009 Posted by Matt

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Feb 02
Superbowl Guy Weekend Posted by Matt

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Dec 28
Christmas 2008 Posted by Matt

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Nov 26
I was born in a small town… Posted by Matt

Growing up in Eminence I wasn’t privileged to some of the cool things about urban life.  The nearest movie theater was over an hour away, and the nearest fast food war at least a 25-mile drive.  I wasn’t able to drive down to Best Buy to pickup the newest video game or movie, and a trip to the mall was a exciting trip two hour down the road. When I had a chance to move to the city, I jumped on it. Luckily I’ve been able to settle down in West St. Louis County.  Its feels like you’re living in the city, as it has several of the conveniences, but doesn’t have that real urban feel.


I don’t ever regret leaving the small town, and with nights like last Monday I think I made the right choise.  I was able to borrow the company’s corporate suite to see Metallica as they rolled through St. Louis.  The concert was amazing and just a short 20 minute drive from my apartment.   Steve and I got there just in time for the opening band to start playing, we sat in the cozy suite with private bathroom and enjoyed a really great show.   The band played for over 2 hours, and on Tuesday I was able to download the entire concert from their website.  Pretty neat little feature and a nice little keepsake.  The picture above on the left t is from the show.

This past Saturday my mom turned 60 years old.  She really doesn’t look her age, and the way she keeps buying convertibles, she doesn’t act it either :D  This weekend for “black friday,” KG and I will be working for mom in the mall in Cape Girardeau.  I’ll be cooking frosted nuts while KG will be personalizing Christmas ornaments.  Should be fun, and it should be crazy busy.

When Numa Numa took over the internet a couple years back I was instantly a fan.   So I was overjoyed when I heard the rapper T.I. sampled this for his new song Live Your Live.  Now if we can just get Chris Brown to some home incorporate the Dramatic looking Chipmunk then I can die a happy man.

The buzz around Star Trek is starting to grow as we get close to the release of the new JJ Abrams relaunch of Star Trek.  I recently read this article on Den of Geek about the very same thing.  The article it references one of the greatest YouTube videos I’ve ever seen, an omage to the Red Shirt.

Red shirts, everyone loves them, and nobody wants to be one.  The term “red shirt” comes from the original Star Trek series and the seemingly expendable characters who wore them.  These single-episode characters would accompany the main characters on missions and more often than not wouldn’t make it back.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the new movie check it out here.  I have really high hopes for this.  I really liked Cloverfield and KG & I are devout watchers of Lost.

This list of the dumbest GI Joe vehicles really takes me back.  I am pretty certain I owned #’s 1, 4, 11, and #12.  The Havoc has no business on this list because it is completely awesome.  It has a doors in the back that can open up for a hovercraft to launch to get to those hard-to-reach areas where Cobra can hide.   Possibly dumber than anything on this list was the floating platform that my brother and I got for being in my Uncle Greg’s wedding. Don’t get me wrong, the toy was AWESOME, but the practicability of said platform was pretty ridiculous.  The cream of the crop as far as GI Joe vehicles goes was the U.S.S. Flagg, a 7-foot long toy aircraft carrier.  Very few kids could afford this so it was pretty special when you found a kid who had one.  Luckily I knew a kid in Eminence who actually owned one, and let me tell you, it was AWESOME!

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Nov 16
November Lan 2008 Posted by Matt

The annual November Lan Party was once again at Butch and Katie’s house in Herculaneum and it was a blast! The Reiter’s have a huge basement that works perfect for setting up all of our computers.   The gracious hosts treated us to pizza, mostacholi, turkey and stuffing, and tons of great breakfast items. The game dejour was once again Team Fortress 2, the multi-class, multiplayer game included in the Orange Box.  In between matches we were able to sneak in time on our favorite MMO, Warhammer Online.   We also played a few sessions of Valve’s new zombie survival game, Left 4 Dead.  This game looks like it has real potential.

This year’s guest list included: Andrew Reiter, Nate Reiter, Jaker Reiter, Tristan Pinkham, Kaleb Captain, Nathan Sanders, Josh Rose, Dan Gidman, Jeremy Randall McNeal, Nathan Thomack, Jason Wyatt, Anatoli Lateria, Matt Libertini, Jonathan Libertini, Aaron Holmes, Joe Frescoln,  Chris Whatley, Jeremy Whatley, and Matt Frazier.  Almost the entire STL LAN crew was in attendance with only Justin Miller and Garett Frescoln being absent.  Our two missing members were able to connect to our server and join in the action remotely.

A great time was had by all and the countdown has begun for next year!

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Oct 30
Halloweenies Posted by Matt

October is my favorite month.  The weather in St. Louis is perfect this time of year, and one of my favorite holidays is at the end of the month.  Unfortunately the Cardinals aren’t in the playoffs this year, but there’s always next season.

Ever since I was a little kid I have enjoyed dressing up and going door-to-door begging for candy.  While I’ve given up the latter, I still enjoy wearing a costume.   Whether it was the highly flammable costumes you get at the supermarket, the ones with the elastic string that lasted exactly 15 minutes or the more elaborate ones my mom crafted, I was always a contender at the local Halloween costume contests. After three years dressing up as Dracula, Kari insisted I get something new.   Reluctantly I hung up the cape and fake teeth and we went to Party City to buy me a new costume.   Below is the best we could come up with:


Kid Vader wants your candy.  You don’t want to cross a mini-Sith do you?  For more great costumes and a few slightly disturbing ones check out this site.

A big congrats to my cousin James Rowden and his wife Angie on the birth of their new baby Breyer Owen!!!!  I know Grandma Renee and the rest of the clan are so proud!

A true Halloween treasure…. Christopher Walken reading Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.  Its missing something though, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

As the election nears, I’m asking everyone to consider voting for a real American.  Can you imagine the kind of smack down the Hulkster would unleash on the axis of evil? He is undefeated against the likes of the Iron Shiek and Nikolai Volkoff, beating into submission on several occassions. Kim Jung you’re going down brutha!

This year’s November Lan is only a couple weeks away and I can’t wait!  For the past 8 years, my crew and I have gotten together each year to compete in Epic battles on our computers.  We deep fry a turkey and gorge ourselves on stuffing and Mnt Dew.  This year will be no different as we travel to Festus, MO and invade our hosts Butch and Katie Reiter.

I love the new song by Against Me which features guest vocalist Tegan.  She’s of course one half of the twin supergroup Tegan & Sara and if you’re not familiar with their work then check out this video. They burst into the mainstream with their latest album The Con.  They a brief splash two years earlier when the White Stripes covered one of their classics, Walking With a Ghost.

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Oct 15
Answering Public Outcry Posted by Matt

Work has been absolutely insane the last few weeks.  As the newspaper industry transitions into new media and struggles with a terrible economy, I’ve been involved with several key projects.  As I typically I update my blog during the downtime at my office, my poor little website has been gathering dust.

Things are finally starting to calm down, so I’ve tried to sneak in an update for the ravenous fan of my website.  I really enjoy blogging, but this update is mostly to get her off my back.

Last weekend Kari and I went to Eminence to assist in the family concessionaire business.  Its tons of fun to work in the fast paced world of fried foods.  The key is to do it in very small doses.  I would hate doing this as a career.  I love sneaking away to Eminence and the weather was absolutely perfect.  Unfortunately the only souvenir from the Arts & Crafts I took back with me was a nasty burn on my elbow (thanks to my brother).  Check out the Arts & Crafts pictures from my brother’s Flickr site.  Mark also took this great video of my mom playing with a stick.


Most of my free time at home has been spent looking for a house to buy and playing Warhammer Online.   On Monday we found out that the offer we made was accepted and we’ve begun closing procedures.  Hopefully this will give me more time to play Warhammer!

Warhammer is the next great MMO from the makers of Dark Age of Camelot, a game I spent way too many hours playing.   Its based on the Games Workshop tabletop game and is more Player-versus-Player focused than  World of Warcraft.   Several of the guys I played WoW and DAOC have joined up on the same server and we relaunched the old guild, Infinite Darkness.

The Rock Band stage kit is almost available for the public!  This is my favorite game, there’s nothing quite as fun as belting out classic rock songs and pretending you’re Steve Perry or  the lead singer from the Silversun Pickups.  I can’t wait until the next Lan Party when I can see some of the STL LAN crew testing out their mic skills.

Speaking of Rock Band, they recently updated their website with a new Merch section.  You now have the ability to get posters, t-shirts, stickers, and even 6″ figures made in the likeness of your virtual bands!  Look for Zombie Nation 2000 posters to be appearing on store shelves soon!

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Sep 11
Labor Day Lazyness Posted by Matt

Its been a few weeks since my last update mostly because work has been crazy.  Its no secret the newspaper  business isn’t exactly doing great.  Lack of advertising and a sluggish economy has caused revenue to decline which in turn has forced several cutbacks and major reorganization.


Over Labor Day Kari and I drove to Eminence to hit the river and relax at the family cabin.  The picture on the right is prior to our float on the Jacks Fork.  Kari said she was embarrassed to go out in public with me, but I was just trying to fit in with the locals.  I love getting to go to the cabin.  Its so relaxing being away from work, my phone and everything else. I can’t wait for the Arts & Crafts in a couple weeks.

The final character list for the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game has been revealed.  I’m excited to see the inclusion of some of the baddest of the bad in DC Comics.   Darkseid and Lex Luthor will be joining the ranks and should make for some interesting matchups with the classic MK characters.   Combining these two worlds together is like mixing chocolate and peanut butter.  I love Mortal Kombat and I love DC Comics, of course i’m going to love it when you mix them together!

The fall TV season is here and all of my favorite shows are back, the ones that didn’t get canceled that is. Prison Break, one of my favorites,  is back with a crazy convoluted plot.  The crew that has already broken out of two separate prisons has managed to get scooped up by the CIA, and is working on recovering a top secret hard drive from an evil organization called The Company.   It sounds pretty wacky, but it looks amazing in HD and I don’t really care.

One of the new shows I’m watching is Sons of Anarchy.  Its about a California motorcycle gang and their shady dealings.   Much like Sopranos it takes a deeper look at their inter-personal affairs and puts a face some of the bad people out there.  I’ve only seen two episodes, but I’m really hoping it gets picked up for next season as its one of the better dramas I’ve seen, though it borrows heavily from the Sopranos.

Apple announced new iPods and updated their iTunes software this week.  The iPod just keeps getting cooler and cooler.  The most radical change in the form of the Nano.  It got a new redesign that looks almost identical to an older model but this time its packing a nice video display.  It also comes in a plethora of new colors if you’re into that (KG.)

Rick Rolling is so last month.  Barrack Rolling is the new hotness.  By the way, is anyone surprised he’s a muslim?

I keep forgetting to mention a web-only show that I absolutely love.  Its called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and it was produced by Joss Whedon.    Whedon is responsible for cult favorites Firefly, Buffy The Vamipre Slayer, and the new Dollhouse show on Fox.  Dr. Horrible stars Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) and Nathaon Fillion from Firefly.  The show has a super high production value for an web series and has that classic Whedon sense of humor.  Please check this out, you can watch it on the official website or download it from iTunes.  The show has gained such a buzz on the internet that there are already talks of a sequel as well as this webcomic.

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