2006 Photos

Random 2006

Random pictures of family and friends in 2006.

Superbowl 2006

Superbowl/UFC weekend with the Rolla gang.

4th of July holiday 2006.

A long summer weekend in 2006. Spending time between the cabin in Eminence and the house in Ozark, culminating with Celebrate America.

Labor Day 2006

Labor Day at the cabin in Eminence.

Overnight Float 2006

An overnight float trip with the Frescoln family in 2006.

Arts & Crafts 2006

A trip to Eminence with the gang in 2006 for the annual Arts & Crafts festival.

November Lan 2006

November Lan 2006 in Creve Coeur.

Christmas 2006

2006 Christmas in Eminence at the new Cabin and in Creve Coeur with the Guttmans.

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